Shamrock Pension House

Just a little over an hour’s ride from Cebu’s busy life, Shamrock Barili Pension offers a quaint atmosphere for travelers who do business down south or for sojourners who relish on a quiet sabbatical at the bucolic side ofCebu. It is also an  ideal stop-over for hot meals and cold drinks for families who intend to visit their relatives someplace next town or to simply go nature tripping southwest of Cebu.

Barili is endowed with natural sites to behold and immerse in such as the Mantayupan Falls, Boloc-Boloc Sulfuric Water Spring, Candugay and Sayaw beachfronts and many unexplored caves. If you’re in for a nature-inspired excursion in this charming and tranquil haven of the south, Shamrock Pension in Barili may be your ideal spot to be your second home away from home.

Types of Accommodations

  • Family Room – Air-con room that can accommodate  8 persons with own T&B
  • Studio – Air-con room with matrimonial bed with own T&B
  • Deluxe Room – Air-con room with double beds (with T&B)
  • Budget Rooms – 4 Rooms with electric fan (2 beds double-deck) and a common T&B

Activity Centers

We can also facilitate a themed event for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other important gatherings.

  • Shamrock Conference Room –  15-30 pax
  • Shamrock Grand Hall –  60-100 pax

For inquiries, you may call 470-9235 or email



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