Garcias take their oath in Barili
by: Greg Rubio (The Freeman)

CEBU, Philippines - Cebu third district Representative Gwendolyn "Gwen" Garcia and her brother, Barili Mayor Marlon Garcia, took their oath of office before each other in a ceremony held at the town gym yesterday.

Their father, former governor and Congressman Pablo "Pabling" Garcia, witnessed the event which started with a Holy Mass.

Gwen, of One Cebu Party, first administered the oath of all winning councilors and of Vice Mayor Teresito Mariñas.

Dakit Barangay Captain Elma Bargamento also took her oath as ex-officio member of the Sangguniang Bayan, replacing Guibuwangan Barangay Captain Nelson Gingoyon as president of the Association of Barangay Councils. Gingoyon won as councilor in the last May 9 elections.

Gwen administered the oath of Marlon, who, in turn, administered hers.

Gwen explained that she has chosen Barili as a special place to take her oath after winning a huge margin in the town during the election.

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She also congratulated other elected town officials led by Mariñas of the Liberal Party for showing their cooperation and unity to the new administration despite coming from different political parties.

Mariñas was applauded by the audience when he urged them to support the administration of Marlon.

Marlon was the vice mayor of Mariñas in 2010 under One Cebu Party but they severed ties in 2013 when the former ran for mayor but lost to the latter who completed his three-term and won as vice mayor under LP.

When he assumed as mayor in 2007, Mariñas said Barili was then a third class municipality with P69 million in internal revenue allotment and P6 million in local income.

He reported that they are waiting for the formal declaration by the Department of Finance reclassifying the town into a first class municipality after it reaches P124 million in IRA and a local income of P15 million last year.

Mariñas expressed confidence that Marlon's administration could boost the town's income by developing the local enterprise.

From Barili, Gwen rushed to Liloan town to witness the oathtaking of her daughter, Mayor Christina Frasco and her husband, Vice Mayor Vincent Franco "Duke" Frasco, before Mandaue City Executive Judge Teresita Galanida.

Duke, a mayor for the past nine years, administered the oath of their municipal councilors.  (FREEMAN)

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