Kaumahan Festival
Kaumahan Festival

Rich and fertile soil makes up the town that is Barili. With this, the town is blessed with vast farmlands locally called “kaumahan”.

Barili is traditionally considered an agricultural community, engaged in planting of corn, rice, coconuts, bamboos, root crops, vegetables and other plants and reeds used in the making of native products and ornamentals.

With this, the Kaumahan Festival was formed to celebrate, through street dancing, the abundance and bounty from the farms and the sea.

The festival is also a means of prayer for the heavens to keep disasters away from Barili.

The ritual is composed of four dance steps known as daro (to plough the field), amuma (to care for the plant), lambo (to grow) and dayaw.

It is celebrated mostly in time for the annual town fiesta. 

 Kaumahan Festival
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