Livestock Market
Livestock Market

Sitting on a seven-hectare property in barangay Mantalongon, the Mantalongon livestock facility is the biggest livestock market in Cebu province.

Traders and farmers using this market come from many faraway towns in Cebu. Others come from other provinces or islands, like Negros and Leyte.

Thousands of pigs, chickens, goats, cattles and other products are sold in the area, an economic activity generating income for the farmers, the traders, and the local government unit.

There is a plan to upgrade the infrastructure facility so as to organize the economic activity by providing clean, spacious and defined areas for different kinds and sizes of animals.

When completed, the upgrading project of the livestock market will provide proper parking spaces, restrooms and food section.

Barring any hitches, the Mantalongon livestock market is on its way to becoming the largest, most modern and most efficient livestock market in the region.

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