Mantayupan Falls
Mantayupan Falls

A delightful sight to behold, the Mantayupan Falls is Barili’s most visited treasure.

This natural wonder is for those who want sightseeing to be easy and trouble-free, unlike other waterfalls in Cebu wherein people must have to go through a daunting challenge in the wild.

It is located near enough to the town proper – about four kilometers only. Sufficient parking is provided and one has to walk only a few steps from the parking lot to be able to have a look at the 98-meter (321 feet) natural marvel. There are three smaller falls at the lower level, with a height of 14 meters.

In Mantayupan, one can enjoy sleeping close to the sound of the falling waters, and comfortably at that, as visitors can stay overnight in rooms built and operated by a multipurpose cooperative. 

It is the tallest waterfall in Cebu and feeds water to the nearby ricefields aside from being the source of a mini hydro powerplant in the area.

Water from the Mantayupan Falls is also the source for another tourist destination in Barili: a pond where visitors can catch fish, have a picnic or stay overnight.

A beautiful sight and a helpful resource for its surrounding community – that’s Mantayupan Falls for you, the crown jewel of Barili, southern Cebu.   

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