Palalong Cliff
Palalong Cliff

The serene atmosphere that envelopes this beautiful hill in Barili shrouds the violent past which makes this place a solemn wartime memorial in itself.

It is where soldiers and civilians were killed by the Japanese during World War II. The Japanese accused them of supporting the Americans, and thus they were stabbed with bayonets, pushed over the cliff and were left dead on the shores below.

A cross was planted on the site in memory of those who were viciously executed during the war.

Minus the sad events which had happened here, the cliff offers a breathtaking view of the horizon. From it can be seen the Tanon Strait and the island of Negros, and one can enjoy and be awed by the view of the afternoon sunsets from this cliff.

There is also a legend attached to the Palalong Cliff. It is said that it is the scene of the Battle of Kanghakbas, which was between Kapitan Usep, who was Barili’s local hero, and the Muslim raiders during the 18th century.

Seen from the cliff is a huge rock called the Batong Guk-ong, a witness to the battle, and continues to defy the strong waves and the high tide up to this day, surviving the test of time. 

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